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Evogen Elite

I am excited to announce i have become an Evogen Nutrition Athlete and this is a great honor. Evogen was founded and owned by Hany Rambod, known as the "Pro Creator", the trainer of the Olympians. He has worked with Olympian champions like Phil Heath 7 time Mr Olympia, Jeremy Buendia 4 time Olympia physique champion. He has worked with several well known physiques such as Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson, Bradley Martin just to name a few. He developed his own supplement line in 2008 and it has grown to be a worldwide sensation, selling supplements worldwide and with amazing results. I have used his line for 3 years and haven't found a line that works as well as his does in the 20 plus years of bodybuilding. This honor is a great addition to my training service as this allows my clients the ability to purchase supplements with a 15% discount. I am able to pass this deal onto you through the link on this website page top right (Instagram tab) and by using the code "Evogenelite" in the coupon line of the order. Email me for any questions you may have on his line and products that can suit your needs to build the body you want.

Bodybuilding Prep Is Here!

I have completed my ISSA certification on Bodybuilding Certification, and I will be offering coaching to my services as well. This includes from start to finish all aspects of preparing for a show. I will work closely and in depth with the client to ensure you are at your best for your contest. 

I will not just give you a basic workout and check on you once an awhile, I will be with you the entire way giving you the tools needed to get ready for the big show. I will be involved with every aspect from the gym to the stage and help you achieve the look you want to win your contest. 

I am taking clients and already have one in prep! Contact me for special rates and for a free consultation!

Beach Body Special!

   Are you looking to get in shape for the beach this summer? Does your ideal physique include losing weight? Gaining Muscle? Well you have come to the right place. I am running another Beach Body special that includes a 10-12 week program that will work to your needs. Do you want to build that body you have craved and plan on 2019 being that year you achieve it? I will personally work with you to build your plan, check your progress, and set you on the right track to achieving your goals. 

Contact me and we can discuss this special and with all my programs I offer personalization and a program that keeps you excited about your workouts.

Lets Get started today as this offer is only valid thru August 15, 21019, call or message to get a quote today!

high intensity strength training

Are you ready for the upcoming sports season? I am running a strength special for those looking to add strength and size to problem areas and over all body muscle. This program consists of the main power exercises that develop overall muscle strength and power. This program is great for athletes looking to put on strength for your sport! This is a four week two sessions per week program that will develop your technique and strengthen your overall body. This is an intense program and will increase your strength up to 25%. I can work with beginners on a custom program for your sport as well as your ability and strength. The price on this intense program is only 240 dollars. Sign up soon as spots will surely fill up