Gym Talk

This section is dedicated to information on Kinesiology of exercise, muscle anatomy, strength, cardiovascular theories, and all items you may discuss in the gym. Every week I will write about tips, tricks, and exercises to keep you learning about training. If you have a question please click the "contact me " link and shoot me an email. Check back weekly as this section will address all types of areas of working out.

"Feel Sets".  This approach uses lighter sets at the start of an exercise to get the contractions started and to feel the muscle being worked. This warm up tends to increase the muscle mind connection and allows for a better more full pump in the muscle being worked. This benefit allows for better warm up, more pump to stretch the fascia, and to help with correct form.

There are a few things to remember when applying this approach and we will go over them now. You need to use slightly lighter weight and really contract the muscle, like 75% of the heaviest you would do for a set of 8-12 repetitions.

The benefits of this system allows for you to feel the muscle and the condition so you don't create injuries by going to heavy and can tell if the muscle is ready for this upcoming workout. Injuring a muscle due to going straight into heavy training can set you back weeks.

You have a much better connection with the contraction of the muscle as you can go slower and really focus on the muscle group you are training. This contraction is so beneficial to the growth of this muscle and allows you to feel the correct contraction of the muscle. This translates into much better growth in the gym when performing the exercises.

The pump becomes intense and so much better with this type of set. This pump is so important to sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy ( Cell Swelling) that growth of the muscle and stretch of the fascia is obtained. This allows the muscle to continue to respond and not get accustomed to the workload. No sticking points or plateaus. 

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