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This section is dedicated to information on Kinesiology of exercise, muscle anatomy, strength, cardiovascular theories, and all items you may discuss in the gym. Every week I will write about tips, tricks, and exercises to keep you learning about training. If you have a question please click the "contact me " link and shoot me an email. Check back weekly as this section will address all types of areas of working out.

This week I will discuss using high volume sets to increase muscle size and strength. The idea of using extremely heavy weights per set, per exercise is become a discussion in recent days. The idea of needing heavy weights for the muscles to have hypertrophy or growth, but that is a misconception. You are able to increase muscle size and density by using high volume training with lighter weights and less rest between sets. 

This type of training is useful for avoiding injuries due to heavy stress on joints and ligaments. By increasing the amount of time under tension, and increasing the blood flow to the muscle during the contractions, allows for fascia stretching in turn allowing the muscle to expand and overload. This type of training is not easy as you must follow a strict rest time regiment and stay focused during the exercises. Muscle contraction needs to be specific and can allow for maximum growth in a short period of time.

The amount of weight used is lighter as the fatigue sets in but sets are increased which allows for maximum pumps, growth and anabolic response to the stress placed on the specific muscle group. This type of training is intense and isn't always for everyone, but when applied correctly the response is amazing.

Email me for your personalized plan of high volume training programs and see the difference it can make in your physique in a shorter period of time. Check back next week when we discuss the need for muscle glycogen when training intensity increases.

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